Why should you invest in Germany.

  • Robust and long-term construction
  • Stable price development even during economic boom or crises
  • The german real estate industry is open to foreign investors

Real Estate Investments in Germany - A great chance to enhance your retirement and increase your passive income. We will help you do just that! As your agent, we offer:

  • Locate great investment properties in Germany
  • Facilitate price negotiation
  • Sales closing
  • Property registration
  • Property management (find tenants, manage repairs etc.)
  • Loan negotiation with our trusted partner banks

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About me

Diana Groeschke, Real Estate Agent, Property Manager, Stock Investor, Derivatives Trader and Certified Public Accountant – PH.

Managing our portfolio since years, intensively focused and specialized on the following touch points: Real Estate Acquisition in Germany, Tenant and Property Management.

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